Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping

As Erpet Logistics, we carry out domestic transportation activities with our expert team. We safely deliver the goods to be transported from one city to another within the country to their recipients.

What is Domestic Shipping?
With the development of technology, logistics activities are gaining importance in line with the increasing needs and demands. Domestic transportation is the transportation of goods to be transported from one point to another within the borders of the country by vehicles. In this area, our company is also involved in transportation processes and storage operations. We continue our activities to meet customer demands in the best way possible. As Erpet Logistics, we offer our customers safe, fast and low-cost transportation services.

Road Transport Services
The type of transportation in which domestic transportation services are mostly carried out is by road. As Erpet Logistics, we continue the transportation processes by road. Road transport services, which are widely used, are the reason why they are more preferred because they offer advantages. The advantages of road transport services are;

- Fast and easy loading operations,

- Realizing the delivery processes in a short time,

– The suitability of geographical conditions,

– Realization of short-distance transportation services with less cost

- Expansion of the road network.

Due to the fact that road transport services are fast and economical, it is one of the most preferred transportation types for transportation needs. Door-to-door delivery of domestic shipping activities and fast delivery are also very advantageous for the customer. With the expansion of the transportation network within the borders of the country, road transport services can be carried out in a healthy way. The favorable geographical conditions also provide a significant advantage in short-distance transportation services. It enables short-distance transportation services to be carried out quickly and to continue transportation activities with less cost. Frequent trips provide solutions to customers' transportation needs.