Erpet Lojistik | Company Profile.

Door to the World

Erpet Lojistik was founded in Düzce in 1996. Along with its modern car fleet, logistical facilities, quality human resources, international solution partners; its fleet consists of 26 minivans, 75 tow trucks and 97 trailers. We provide the service of international road transportation to many European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium etc.

Erpet Lojistik provides the suitable logistical solutions by properly analyzing the customer needs and expectations while considering time, cost, and standards at the same time.

Fast and Efficient Transportation

With its customer centered solutions, team that acknowledges the customer relations management, order management systems and modern fleet, Erpet offers a quality and reliable service.

Quality and Reliable Service

Erpet Lojistik provides solutions for lots of different industries, particularly automotive, health, e-commerce, retail and textile, production and electronics.

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